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You want your wedding to be perfect!  Check out this list of wedding day Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your wedding is infused with personal touches and goes off without a hitch!

I Don’ts

  • Don’t—spend your wedding day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We know you have been waiting a long time to change your relationship status to “married,” please save it for the next day. Be in the moment and spend time connecting face to face with your loved ones and your new husband.
  • Don’t—forget to eat throughout the day and at your reception. It can be easy to neglect to eat with all the anticipation, but a few glasses of champagne can be dangerous on an empty stomach and no one wants a fainting bride at the alter.
  • Don’t—forget to give your speakers a time limit for their toasts. Your guests will thank you, and it will keep your reception feeling more like a party and less like a presentation.
  • Don’t—feel like you have to stick with traditions or current trends. If feeling like a big white dress and tossing your bouquet is simply not you, skip it. If you prefer white wine and red velvet cupcakes to cocktail hour and a candy bar, do it!  Remember: it’s your day, and you decide what happens.
  • Don’t— sweat the small stuff! Be prepared for some things to go unexpected.  Just remember it will not be a big deal when they do. Whatever it is, you’ll look back on it and laugh, so enjoy your day in spite of whatever did not go as planned.

I Do’s

  • Do–infuse you and your fiancé’s personalities into every aspect of your big day.  Incorporate your favorite foods during cocktail hour or give thoughtful favors that bring both your personalities into the mix.
  • Do—practice walking around in your shoes a few times before your big day. Believe it or not, even ballet flats can give you blisters if not broken in.  If you happen to be doing chores around the house, slip on your shoes to ensure you will be able to dance the night away.
  • Do—choose a hair and makeup style similar to your everyday look, with a touch of upgraded glamour.  We guarantee your fiancé wants to see YOU walking down the aisle.  You will be much happier looking back on your pictures a few years from now.
  • Do— be up front with your vendors about what you expect.  For example, provide a “don’t” play list for your DJ/ Band or have a “must take” list for your photographer so everything is how you envisioned it.
  • Do—remember to send Thank-You notes to those who made your day so special.  Did you develop a great relationship with the coordinator or photographer?  Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work! Kind words are always appreciated.
  • Do—HIRE WEDDING PROFESSIONALS! Professional wedding vendors will help alleviate the stress and make sure your event is a success.  Check out our list of preferred vendors.