Occasions Durango

Want to spice up your wedding color palette but are nervous you will over do it?

Keep it classic, basic and neutral and add a pop of color in these fun and unexpected places.

  1. Play footsie” – Make a bold and surprising statement and have your groomsmen wear a fun pair of colored socks with their tuxedo.
  2. Let’s hear it for your Girls” – Want to keep your bridesmaid dresses neutral? How about adding your accent in the dress worn by your flower girl?
  3. Flower power” – Want to add a feminine color such as lilac or carnation to your color scheme, but don’t necessarily want your groomsmen wearing it from head to toe? Add a subtle pop to their tuxedo with a pocket square or as an accent ribbon on their boutonniere.
  4. Piece of cake” – Leave your guests in awe as they watch you cut into your colorful layers of cake. Ask your pastry chef or cake baker to create a custom cake with layers matching your wedding colors.
  5. Ruby (insert your accent color here) Slippers” – Play up your look by adding a pop of color in your heels…or wear those fancy cowgirl boots for a rustic look.

Our preferred vendors can help put a little pizzazz in your wedding.