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Working on finalizing your wedding budget?  Don’t forget to consider a few of these things so you don’t bust your budget.

  1. Postage is pricey! –– Did you know square invitations mailed in square envelopes cost more to mail? Because these envelopes have to be hand-stamped at the post office, they require more postage. Save on stamps and keep your invitations a standard size.
  2. Blooming Bouquets –– Not all flowers are in season all year long. Keep this in mind when picking your blooms.
  3. Add in Alterations –– Consider yourself extremely lucky if your wedding gown fits your figure flawlessly. Most wedding gowns do not come with a bustle (the mechanism made of ribbons, buttons or ties that keeps your train out of your way after photos and the ceremony). Don’t forget to allow room in your budget for alterations (and this goes for your girls/maids too!)
  4. Don’t forget to Tip — Your vendors have worked extremely hard to make your day perfect!  Don’t forget to tip them for going that extra mile (and don’t forget to add this into your budget).  Not sure who to tip? Check out our previous blog post for suggestions.
  5. A Planner is worth every Penny!! –– Though you may be able to plan your wedding without any extra help, at least hire a Day-of Coordinator!  Allow yourself and your family to enjoy every moment and let the day-of coordinator do the dirty work of decorating, filling the punch bowl and lighting your (hundred) tealights throughout the night. You have spent hours, days, even months planning your special day…now take time to enjoy all of your hard work.  Our preferred vendors can help with completing all of your wedding details