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We have teamed up with Karen Skelly, a fabulous wedding photographer located right here in Durango, Colorado.  She is acting as our guest blogger and has some great advice and tips for getting the best wedding photography.  Check them out…

1.  Have you ever planned a wedding?  Probably not.  Hiring a wedding planner will save you tons of time and stress.  Everything will run smoothly and you will be able to relax and enjoy your special day.

2.  The Venue:  When you choose your location look around for trees, other shaded areas, streams, rivers, mountains, and barns.  This tip, of course,  is for couples getting married outdoors.  These can make a big difference in how your photographs turn out – having your ceremony and your group portraits in the bright sunlight is not the best recipe for beautiful images.  The time of day will make a big difference in how your photographs look as well.   This will depend on the time of year you are getting married, so I would be happy to give you suggestions.
3.  Sunblock:  Wear it!  Every day, all year long, even when it’s cloudy.  Both men and women need to do this.  It’s not easy to make a sunburned person look good in pictures.  I can’t remember how many guys I have photographed who have a really red face, a white forehead from wearing a hat and white around the eyes from sunglasses.  Not a good look.
4.  The Dress:  Strapless dresses are popular, but they don’t look good on every figure and body.  I would highly suggest that you visit Occasions Bridal because they know what dress will accenuate your figure.  Too many brides have a dress that is too tight around the bust area causing fat to hang over the sides.  Again, not a good look.   I have sent brides to Occasions and they are always grateful.  And DON’T order a dress online – it will be a hot mess!
5.  Hair and Makeup:  It is preferable to use a professional hair stylist and makeup artist so that you look gorgeous on your wedding day, but if it’s not in the budget, here are some tips:  For hair, use lots of bobby pins and hair spray to hold everything in place.  If you are wearing a long veil or birdcage veil, try it on with your hair style in advance to make sure it looks good and holds.  Some girls like to have hair extensions put in to make their hair fuller and longer.   For makeup, wear it a little heavier than normal, but not to the extreme.   Use a foundation and sunblock that doesn’t have zinc as an ingredient.  It can make your face look overly white in photographs.  Use primer on both your face and eyes to keep everything looking good throughout the day.  Try to have powder and lipstick with you during the day for touch ups.  False eyelashes can really make your eyes pop in photographs.
6.  Timeline:  I always work out a timeline with the couple prior to them booking with me so we can figure out how many hours I will be needed.  We will go through every detail of the day so everything is covered.  You can always add more hours towards the end of the day if you want you photographer to stay longer.
7.  Guests with Cameras:  With everyone having a camera now, it can make things difficult for the paid photographer.  During the ceremony, you may want to ask the officiant to announce to your guests that they should enjoy the ceremony and not take pictures.  Many times guests will jump into the aisle as the bride and her father are coming down the aisle, which means we get a photo of the guests back side.  Also, during the formals, you could ask the guests to enjoy themselves at the reception.   If they are standing around taking pictures, you can be sure some family members and wedding party will be looking at someone besides the photographer.
Written by Karen Skelly

Karen Skelly Photography

To check out more advice and Karen’s fabulous work, check our her website by clicking here.  And to find out more about Occasions Bridal and Events Boutique click here.