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Prom is fast approaching, and there’s only a few weeks left to find your knockout tux! Take a look at these prom tuxedo trends to be sure you look your best.

Steal the style of celebrities on the red carpet with a classic black and white tux. This timeless look is elegant and suave.  It is sure to turn heads.  If James Bond would wear it, you can’t go wrong!

Bow ties emphasize the neck and the face, drawing the eye up the body.  If you’re looking for a touch of formality,  bow ties are a great choice. Neckties (otherwise known as a Windsor tie) draw the attention to the chest and have a more laid back feel, while still being sophisticated.  In terms of Windsor ties, a skinner tie is a great way to balance the proportion of a narrower frame, while maintaining the feeling of the accessory.  Skinny ties are a huge trend this season!

Pairing a black shirt with a tux, instead of a white shirt, is a sleek way to add a sense of mystery to a formal look. It can also emphasize a colored tie or bow tie to match your date, and will look great on anyone!

Want an out-of-the-box look for your big night? Try a colored tux! Slate blue is a great way to be classy and unique at the same time. Are you a more outdoorsy guy? Go for a camo print vest!  Are you the life of the party? Rock a zebra print tie!  Don’t be afraid to show a little of your personality.

If you’re looking for a different fit for your tux, think about going for a slimmer cut. A slim fit tux will fit closer to the body, guaranteeing a stylish and striking look.

Occasions offers a wide variety of tuxedo cuts, including slim fit and regular fit, and tons of accessory options.  We carry many different colors, so you can match your date or put your own spin on your look! Check out our tuxedo catalog.

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