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How in the world did a tradition get started where the groom removes part of the bride’s lingerie, in front of everyone, and throws it at his male friends?  According to wedalert.com, the bridal garter toss tradition dates back to the 14th century.  Wedding guests believed that having a piece of the bride’s clothing would bring them good luck.  As the wedding celebration progressed, the guests would rip off little pieces of the wedding dress.  Bride’s got tired of ending up with a ruined dress and started throwing various items to the guests, the bridal garter being one of them.  This evolved into the bride tossing the garter to the men.  But impatient drunken men would try to remove the garter early which lead to the tradition of the groom removing the bridal garter and tossing it to the men.

How do you feel about the bridal garter tradition?  You can win an Occasion’s garter set by leaving us a comment and telling us if you are going to do the garter toss at your wedding.  Contest starts June 1st.  Don’t want to enter the contest?  Visit our facebook page to comment.
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