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What are you wearing on your wedding day? The choices can be overwhelming! Do you want a big ballgown, a slimming sheath, lace or pearls, vintage or modern…or are you being pressured to wear your mother’s wedding dress? Many brides look at photos of their mother’s wedding gown and think, “No way!” and we just must agree! Don’t get us wrong, we love tradition and think it is one of the sweetest things to incorporate a part of history into your wedding, but take our advice and let us help you find the dress of YOUR dreams. Don’t worry, we have a few ideas how to incorporate your mom’s dress into the big celebration.

Finding a wedding dress is a fun and memorable process. Don’t miss out on sharing this special occasion and bring your mom to the appointment to share in the joy and excitement. We know she will understand that you want to experience feeling like a princess as your try on different wedding dresses. Let us pamper you while you decide on your favorite silhouette.

Still set on altering and wearing your mother’s gown?  Here’s our advice: Though it can be done, altering a vintage dress can be very difficult and expensive. Plus, older gowns were cut slimmer throughout the shoulders and are often times too tight due to our modern (more-athletic) frames. Rather than trying to alter or remake a new dress from your mother’s gown, try taking a piece of lace or fabric from it and sewing a patch under your dress.

What about removing the embellishment and creating a unique bridal belt which you can add to your dress to accentuate your figure? What a sweet way to add a touch of tradition to your gown! (And what a fun accessory you can hand down to your little princess someday!)

Or making a garter to wearing using lace from her gown?

Another fun idea…Create a headpiece out of the vintage pearls or sequins…OR…add the trim of your mother’s dress to a very simple veil.

Did your mother have a lace-up or corset back on her gown? What about tying your bouquet with the satin ribbon from the corset?

Forget the long sleeves and the conservative necklines! Let us help you find a wedding dress that fits your figure and flatters your shape and add a touch of tradition with these simple ideas. A piece of your mother’s gown is something OLD, call us for your wedding dress appointment today and let us help you find your something NEW!  Or…schedule an appointment here.