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Whether they’re sneaking little snacks off the table or twirling themselves silly on the dance floor, these little kiddos can bring joy and spontaneity to a wedding (let alone the most adorable photo ops!)  Consider these pros and cons and other suggestions while you decide to invite the little ones or ask their parents to find a sitter…

  • Kids bring major spunk to your wedding festivities and swagger to the dance floor. However, their need for constant supervision can make it tough for parents to let loose.  Be honest with yourself about the vision for your wedding. If you want a fun and whimsical day, add these tiny tots to the guest list. If want your big celebration to be a formal and classy affair, ask your guests to leave their little ones at home.
  • Often times wedding celebrations last most hours of the day and kids tend to get sleepy and grumpy.  If you want to allow children to attend, offer a babysitting service or babysitter to entertain these kiddos with fun games and activities.  OR, rent an extra room for a quiet place for parents with kids to escape the crowd and noise.
  • To make your preferences clear, mark your invites with the full name of each guest.  If you’re not inviting kids, include babysitting information on your save-the-date, and ask close friends and family to pass the word along.  Another way to make it clear: Plainly state on your wedding website that the event is grown-ups only.
  • Absolutely inviting kids to your wedding?  Give them something special to do- add games, snacks and activities to their place settings.  Or add a fun kids table to your room layout.
  • Still can’t decide if you want to include children or not? Compromise! There are several ways to include kids in the wedding without giving them an all-access pass to the whole celebration.   One way to limit the kiddos…invite only your child attendants or close family members. Another idea…set age restrictions—”children 10 and up” (note this on your RSVP cards)The most subtle approach…include kids in the ceremony and cocktail hour, then ask that they depart before dinner/dancing or vice versa.

Whether you chose to include these little ones on the guest list or ask your attendees to please leave them with a sitter, your guests are sure to understand. Just remember, once you have made a decision, stick with it! Need more advice or help planning your big day? Our preferred vendors can help.