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wedding gownDon’t let your fingers do the walking! Choose your wedding dress in-store and NOT on-line!!

Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most exciting steps in planning your wedding! Enjoy the experience of actually trying on wedding gowns instead of just flipping through pictures.

There are numerous benefits of shopping in-store rather than online!  Because you can physically try the gowns while in-store, you are sure to know the fit, style, the quality of fabric, color and details. Keep in mind, though the gown looks gorgeous online in pictures, it may not look flattering on your figure. There is no one-style-suits-all wedding dress, and there’s no way to be sure how it will look on you unless you try it on.

“But the prices are much cheaper online!” you may say! It cannot be stressed enough—if the price  seems too good to be true…IT IS! While it may be tempting to buy your gown online at a lower cost, the risk involved is too great! Yes, you may be in the extremely low percentage that it might work out perfectly, but the chances are greater that it will not.  This is not a blouse or a pair of shoes…this is your wedding gown! So, say “No” to the dress online! There are hundreds of knock-off sites stealing pictures from designers and attempting to recreate these gowns. Beware!

What happens when you order online and the dress doesn’t fit or you never get it in the mail? Chances are, if you end up getting your gown you will need alterations due to the poor construction and fit. Many brides often spend the money they saved (plus more) on alterations…or they end up buying a completely different dress.  If you buy cheap…you buy twice!

Don’t take the risk and buy online! Make an appointment today with the fabulous girls at Occasions Bridal and Events Boutique. With a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere, you are sure to find that PERFECT wedding dress while having a memorable experience. Can you say that for an online store?

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